05 September 2012

Where have all the mushrooms gone?

10.24 km - 63.34 min., 17ºC.
Cool, misty, smells of Autumn. 

While running I've checked all the usual mushroom places - none. What's going on? The global talk is about the coming food shortages, with drought in America, Russia and the Ukraine, floods in the UK, and drought in France too, but not as severe, she will still have a surplus of 5 mln. tons of wheat. Could it be that it also affected the mushrooms?

But nuts, hazelnuts and beechnuts are a-plenty. I see lots of red squirrels skulking in the hedges. And - excitement for me and the dogs! - pine martens. One yesterday and one today. Maybe they're out chasing the squirrels. Oh dear!

Photo: ©A.Anichkin

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