06 August 2011

Japan's Dogs: A Friend in Need

62.21 - 9.9 km - a very pleasant steady run with sniff-stops, drizzle, drops practically hanging in the air. (5 August)

This is a heart-breaking video of two Japanese dogs, a Spaniel and a Golden retriever, right after the earthquake and tsunami.

The man commenting first sees the Spaniel and says he can't understand what the Spaniel wants, he keeps running up and going back. Then the man sees another dog lying by a barrel and realises that the Spaniel is guarding his friend and trying to attract the rescuers attention. The Golden looks dead, but then moves and raises his head. The man calls in more rescuers for help.

News reports later said both dogs were doing well and recovering. The Spaniel is already re-homed.

This video is in Japanese, but it has been circulating over the internet with translations into many other languages, just check YouTube if you don't understand Japanese.

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