15 May 2011

Waiting by the Gate (Talking With Cats)

9.4 km - 61.04 min, 10,004 steps. 
Beautiful early Summer weather, cool breeze, dappled sunlight on the road.

When we go for a walk cats often follow and run around with the dogs. Sometimes Masha, the black-and-white female, gets tired and I cary her in my arms. Sometimes Vassika, the tabby male, falls behind and we have to wait for him. What's different about cats is that they talk all the time to you, while dogs have to be talked to.

When we go for a run, it's Vassika who follows us, but as we get into stride he stops and goes back. Often, like today, he sits or lies by the gate waiting for us to return and then meows in greeting – welcome home.

Don't know if it's affection or hope for joining in getting an after-run treat together with the dogs. But I can't help giving him one.

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