27 March 2011

'Ils sont intelligents!'


9.5 km - 57,28 min - 9,888 steps - 16ºC - cloudy, warm, quiet, very pleasant run.

I was so proud of myself today!

Boss went for a run later than usual, in the afternoon just before the Glorious Hour. Because it was nice and warm the gardens along the route were full of dogs with their people.

Other People don't bark at us, only the Boss does, occasionally. Other People bark at their own dogs. And dogs bark at us when we pass. Leroy often gets excited and pulls this way and that, but I'm not like that, I ignore them and keep trotting on with my nose up. One has to keep one's dignity, you know.

It's what they bark that's interesting. Dogs usually bark 'Get out, or I'll get you, it's my spot'! People usually bark 'Stop! Come here!'

There was a fluffy black-and-white collie in one garden. When he started at us, the French woman there barked: 'Stop it! Look, those are intelligent, not like you!' – 'Ils sont 'telligents!'

My, we are intelligent? I am intelligent! She hasn't seen ME barking and chasing the postman! But then, I know three languages and can go through a newspaper in a few minutes – to shreds. So there must be something in me.

I felt so proud today.
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Maybe you may want to put a facebook icon to your blog. Just bookmarked the url, although I must complete it manually. Simply my 2 cents.


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