06 May 2010

Help the Birds, Brush Your Dogs

9,4 km - 57.53 min - cold and windy

I was brushing dogs and cutting out clumps of matted hair the other day. Amazing how much of it goes off.  After a while there was heap of blond and auburn hair in the yard. I left it on the grass overnight.

In the morning, with a mug of tea in hand, I looked out of the window to see a big Carrion Crow investigating the clumps of dog hair. He took one an flew off. How clever! Warm soft fur to pad out his nest. All prepared by myself and produced by my running buddies.

So, when you brush your dogs don't throw away the fur, leave it somewhere outside or stick it on a tree. Birds will come looking for building and insulating material for their new nests.

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