17 March 2009

Lunge lead or bungee lead

17 March 09
6 miles - 51.59 min
It's a sunny day, a warm pleasant breeze blows, first dandelions appeared in banks and lawns, farmers are busy ploughing.

I saw a neighbour running with her foxterrier on a proper cani-cross bungee lead attached to a belt. I don't use them even though they are supposed to free your hands while running and protect you from sudden pulls. What stops me is length of the lead - about 150cm (5 ft) of it seems not enough to me. With a dog too close there is always a risc of tripping over or hurting him. I use an 2.1 m (7 ft) pleated horse lunge with a double lead attached to it. I keep it looped to keep the dogs closer and extended when we are on a quiet stretch of road. If dogs pull I let the loop slide through my hand and then tighten the grip to stop them. This is similar to bungee effect, but, I think, more felxible.

Lunge is also called longe, from the French allonge - elongate, lenghten out.

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