27 April 2006

Of Cellulite and Ribs

26 April 2006
47.58 minutes, 6 miles. Humid and cool.

...could hardly drag myself out on the road. My project quickly takes shape, it is just days to the final go. I feel stressed, anxious, worried...

...My wife is at home today, so it is her writing day, and it's pottering and loafing around for me, mostly, getting even more stressed and anxious. But as usual, as soon as I hit the road, all my worries and anxieties disappear.
"no woman who I know who runs regularly
has cellulite, not one"

My mother-in-law used to say: only stupid people get bored. Indeed, there is so much to do, to see, to marvel at and to think about, there is simply no room, in time or space, to get bored. I fail to understand how running could be seen as boring...

Someone dropped orange skins on the side of the road. Which makes me think of , the curse of a modern woman. Something clicks in, and I try and remember all the women I ran with in races and in training. A pleasure of running is that you can watch others as much as you like without being rude or annoying... And it strikes me: no woman who I know who runs regularly has cellulite, not one.

Golden retrievers tend to put on weight quickly. On a beach my two dogs once met a lovely huge retriever with long beautiful mane. They sniffed each other and wanted to play and run around. The big beauty bounced once, twice - and stopped, panting. He was too fat to play.

A vet told me that in a healthy dog you should be able to feel the ribs when stroking the sides of the animal. I do this check regularly, and my two seem to be okay, ribs there.

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